Waterproofing – Done Right The First Time

Making sure your concrete floors last both inside and outside starts with proper installation, maintenance, and products. We have gone in after others who have installed waterproofing and sealents improperly and did not hold up to their expectations. Going in and fixing an improper job costs significantly more than just having us go in with premium products the first time to get the job done right

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Doing It Right

Here’s an example of us fixing an improperly installed waterproofing system by someone without professional experience.

Improper Install

After a short time, well less than the expected life of this product, the waterproofing began to peel and crack, rendering it useless. 

Cleaned & Prepped

We then have to remove the old product, prep the surface, and then apply the proper product.

Finished Product

The product is now applied and will protect your house or commercial space for up to 30 years!

It’s Works on More Than Just Walls

We’re able to waterproof decks, patios, walkways, and more.

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We’d love to help you with your waterproofing project. Our expierence and the high quality products we use will ensure the protection and long life you expect from a waterproofing product.

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